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Easy to Install

Epoxy floor coating is easy to install and it takes a shorter time period compared to replacing the whole concrete garage floor. Although the installation process is simple and easy, it is still highly recommended to hire a pro to do it. Epoxy can be quite tricky. Installed incorrectly and its quality and durability are compromised.

Tough as Nails

Epoxy dries in just a few hours but it needs two or more days to cure properly. Once completely cured, epoxy becomes a very hard plastic surface that is durable enough to keep the concrete underneath from acquiring damage.

Resistant to Most Types of Floor Damage

 Epoxy is a very durable material, if properly mixed and installed. It is resistant to impact, abrasion, stains, moisture, and other types of floor damage.


Garage flooring is often messy, discolored, and greasy. Just when you thought that appeal only belongs to showrooms, epoxy flooring comes along. Epoxy has several design options. You can choose to have opaque or metallic epoxy floors with your desired colors. If you want a terrazzo look, multi-colored chips can be integrated in the epoxy layer.

Safe from Slips and Falls

When it comes to slip-resistance, epoxy does not fall behind more textured floor materials. It has a non-skid surface that looks smooth and seamless. If you want to increase traction further, you can add additives to its top layer.

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Revolutionary. Resilient. ONE DAY PROCESS.

Epoxy Garage Floors Are Installed To Last

One Day Installation

Our most popular epoxy floor coating allows you to return your items to the garage the same day. All of the installations start with an epoxy primer that fuses deep into the concrete to provide adhesion that is three times stronger than typical epoxy systems. Learn more about 11 Businesses That Can Benefit From Using Epoxy Floor Coating

Maintenance Free

Our clear, abrasion-resistant poly aspartic topcoats produce a tough, easy-to-clean surface that does not require waxing or other labor-intensive upkeep. Garage floors must withstand many hazards, from the impact of rolling heavy items and vehicular traffic, to close contact with a wide range of chemicals. Ideal for demanding environments, your garage floor will be aesthetically pleasing and impact, abrasion, and chemical resistant.

Crack and Joint Repair

One of the keys to a long-lasting epoxy garage floor is proper preparation and attention to flaws in the original surface. We prepare the concrete by grinding the surface and repair any open cracks, joints or surface imperfections with professional products, which are specifically designed for the treatment of concrete cracks.

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They came in and sanded the concrete to a nice finish and fixed the existing cracks. Then put down a really durable epoxy garage floor flake finish. Amazing work quick and efficient. Highly recommend!

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