Garage floors carry a lot of weight and cater to a plethora of movements — from people to cars to other equipment sheltered in this part of the property. Over time, they get scratched, stained, and become an unpleasant sight to see. If you’re revamping your garage, experts highly recommend adding an epoxy coating to the floor.

In this article, we’re tackling 11 epoxy coating benefits you need to know.
It covers damages and flaws on your floor. A garage floors go through a lot, it’s inevitable for it to sustain damage — from scratches to surface abrasions. One effective way of covering these flaws — and helping make the floors look brand-new — is by applying an epoxy coating garage.

It is extremely durable. Epoxy coating is formed by mixing epoxide resin and polyamine hardener. These components are responsible for the durability of this type of coating. Unlike regular paint, this one is resistant to lifting and peeling.

It is resistant to impact and moisture. Thanks to its thick and hard finish, this coating is also resistant to impact and moisture. Hence, there’s no need to worry if you drop water or heavy equipment on a floor coated with epoxy.

It improves the safety of your garage. One of the many epoxy coating benefits you can reap is additional safety for the users of your garage. By requesting for a non-slip finish, you will prevent slip-and-fall accidents from happening.

It is easy to install. After preparing and degreasing your floor, simply apply the first coating, wait for around 12 hours before applying the second coating, then let it dry for a day. Wait around a week before moving your car back in.

It is self-leveling. One of the many perks of this coating is that it is self-leveling, requiring minimal effort to produce a polished finish that can effectively boost the look of your garage.

It enhances the look of your garage. If you want to improve the way your garage looks, simply adding an epoxy coating garage can do the trick. It’s a time-efficient solution that provides lasting, quality results.

It is available in various designs. Epoxy coatings also come in different designs. You can opt for a solid design (available in various colors — from natural beige to bold blue), or a textured finish to add a different twist.

It is easy to clean. As epoxy floors are resistant to moisture, dust, and grime — simply spraying it with water using your garden hose can do the job of cleaning them. If the dirt is more stubborn than usual, use a bucket of hot water and about four ounces of ammonia to clean the floor.

It is cost-effective. Epoxy coating garage is regarded as a cost-effective flooring solution when you are undergoing a garage renovation project. Despite the upfront costs you will incur, you can save money in the long run with the durability and ease of maintenance it offers.

It increases the market value of your property. As epoxy coating protects and helps improve the aesthetics of your garage, it adds significant market value to your property. If you plan to resell your property in the future, it will be to your advantage if you have an epoxy coated garage floor.